Friday, April 27, 2012

Ashland North of Archer

Friday morning, 4/27/12
I saw this yesterday returning from a mtb ride on my way to El Milagro for nourishment. The late morning light illuminated this structure in a way that you only see when you are without a camera. I returned early this morning to see it in backlight.

Friday afternoon about 3:45, 4/27/12
I went back to shoot this again. Just as I get out of the car with my camera I see a guy with a camo jacket go in the bushes to relieve himself. Hopefully he didn't think I was there to take his picture but he had other things on his mind.
So I'm shooting this over a 6 foot fence but I'm only 5-6 so I'm guessing that the camera is level but then again it hardly is when it's at eye level. So this shot has skew correction in photoshop otherwise it looked like a leaning tower.

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