Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lake Michigan / Gillson Park Wilmette 3/28/15

Saturday morning around 6:45 am. 3/28/15
In the 20's.

Some days I just hope for a little ice. With evening temperatures in the 20's plus wind speeds in the teens, I felt that we might get a little ice back on the beach. The sun beat me to the horizon as I could already see its glow above the trees as I drove into Gillson Park, but it's not seeing the sunrise that I desire. It is that illuminating glow that transforms otherwise mundane objects into magic.

This was the very first shot of the day, a relatively simple foreground subject with the water blurred with a longer exposure using ND filters. I'm stacking a 2 stop along with a variable ND for about 6 stops of ND.

This was a good start to shooting with an hour of photographing that only ended because I could not feel the shutter anymore with frozen fingers.

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