Monday, September 3, 2012

Ferry Leaving Huangpu 2003

Two Children Leaving Huangpu. February 2003


A lot was happening on this day. First a visit to the Huangpu Military Academy, now
a museum on Changzhou Island. The academy was started by Sun Yat Sen and Chiang
Kai shek with the assistance of the Chinese communists and the Soviet Union (Stalin).

What a crazy combination of comrades! Unbelievable.

Growing up in the US with a healthy dose of western civilization left me fairly immune
 to the troubles of China trying to shed it's imperialist past along with the oppression of the western powers along with Japan. The1920's decade roared with a different meaning for China than it did for the US.

Back to February 2003. New Year is on people's minds, not the past of Chinese history. This
shot was the adjacent frame to an image that I had selected for a grant proposal the next year.
That image focused on the child on the motorcycle. On this shot, a glimpse at the contact sheet
told my editing mind that the child in the van was distracting.

Funny that I was drawn to this shot almost ten years later - the mother and daughter in the van
are my own.

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