Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Languages

Thursday afternoon. 6/21/12

I'll leave it open to the viewer how this picture might get read.  In Chinatown I was on my way to photograph the fishmonger on the left side of the frame. I saw the paletas vendor walking across the street, checked to see that I wouldn't get hit by a car while I was crossing, and took one shot of him knowing that he would blur as the camera was set at aperture priority + f8 + 200asa. Yep, the foreground is mostly in focus and Mr Mago has some motion blur at 125th.

Three things that came into my mind while I was raising the camera were (1)a paletas wagon is unusual in Chinatown (2)three written languages were going to merge and (3)hopefully the striped shirt wouldn't turn around and stare.

Now I see a man possibly a Mexican approaching a sign that says Do Not Enter.

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