Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hangzhou - 1992 - Hula Hoop

Hangzhou. May 10, 1992
I shot this during my honeymoon in 1992. It is from a series of negatives that I was never able to print from because of the excessive contrast and exposure in the negs combined with the heavy density from the film development. I had no success (or patience) trying to burn in the highlights. Shooting Konica Infrared film in a 12 exp Mamiya M6 certainly is unlike shooting digital now. However finding a camera such as this that is digital capable is not going to happen. Definitely a challenge, and a worthwhile one. For me it was only the scanner that is bringing life into these negs. After 20 years I finally see a little detail in the highlights and hopefully this image and more will finally find there way to a sheet of paper.

I sometimes regret my failure to see beyond what I was shooting in China on this day. This transition period for China was a beautiful time to see and I was blessed to have a wife and companion to guide me through it.

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