Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving Day. 11/24/11

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New camera - old lens

1pm Wednesday, 11/23/11.
New Canon 5DII + 2003 Canon 17-40.
Using a full-frame camera to shoot something for the web is pretty much overkill. 20+ MB files reduced to 500kb is severe shrinkage.

However I have a need for this new tool. It will provide me with almost two more stops of high ISO shooting over what I'm shooting now plus a larger file that can be chopped and cropped while retaining good image quality. Having three different format sizes in the toolbox gives me excellent flexibility for assignments.

And the view through FF! The large optical viewfinder of the 5D compared to slectronic finders is like a picture window next to a security camera. The image quality of the larger file seems to add a bit more dimension than the smaller sensors. I'm looking forward to work!